Victoria de la Torre

de la Torre


Finishing her studies in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, her interests in the social and collaborative aspects of design methodologies made her start first collaborating and later co-driving the professional collective focused on research, design and innovation AIDI. There she widely experienced every aspect of what building a community and developing cultural projects means. In 2019 she co-founded the studio Macedonia, a research-based design studio focused in finding meaningful solutions through collaborative and creative processes.

But the volatile context in which we are living require radical approaches and  transdisciplinar methods that could drive towards renewed frames of mind. This is how, as her awareness about the complexity of the systems that surrounds us has been increasing, linked to her natural necessity to question, has made her find in tue artistic thinking a path to unlearn. In her latest project, A.I.R., the outcome of an artistic residency hosted by The Dock Accenture and the Science Gallery Dublin, she, as part of the collective Multiplay, has explored the notion of human agency and its behaviour in systems in flow by using closeness in its different dimensions as a unit of measure to do so.

Currently she is studying the Master in Fine Arts at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht.

Awards, exhibitions and residencies

Selected for Artist in Residency Remoteness Program to develop project Multiplay A.I.R.
Science Gallery Dublin & The Dock Accenture 
2020 March – 2021 March · Mallorca, Asturias, Madrid, Dublin, The Hague, Utrecht.

New talent Selected Award in Selected Bilbao for the electric viola project “Artemisa”.
2019 Bilbao

Winner team of the Impact Hub Global Goals Jam with the project “The Streets of the Future”.
2019 Madrid

First prize of the Experimenta Mention for the electric viola project “Artemisa” during the exhibition Producto Fresco, by Di_mad.
2019 Madrid

Madrid Design Festival mention for the electric viola project “Artemisa” during the exhibition Producto Fresco, organised by Di_mad.
2019 Madrid

Team winner of the International Distributed Hardware Hackaton organized by the open source design platform Wikifactory and AIDI with the project “Docubot”.
2019 Madrid

“50 Talents. Ideas for a better world”. Exhibition of the 50 best projects within the 8th Teaching Meeting of the Spanish American Biennial of Design. The project selected was the viola Artemisa. Matadero Madrid.
2019 Madrid

“Producto Fresco”, the exhibition for the best design projects developed in Madrid during the previous year.
The project selected was Artemisa.
Matadero Madrid, Spain.
2019 Madrid

“Selected Bilbao”, an international exhibition for creative inspiration during the Bilbao Vizcaya Design Week. The project selected was the viola Artemisa. Euskalduna Jauregia Bilbao, Spain.
2019 Bilbao

Curriculum Vitae

MFA / Master in Fine Arts and Design.
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.
2020 – Today

Collaborator. Service and UX Design in Hecho.Company. Madrid.
2019 November – Today

Product and graphic design in BUIO Light Studio. Madrid.
2019 July – 2020 January

Founder, strategist and brand manager in the design, research and innovation studio Macedonia. Madrid.
2019 March – Today

Product design development in the campaign “Kit Beats” for the UEFA Champions League.
The Lion, MRM-McCann, MasterCard. Madrid / Barcelona.
2018 September – 2018 November

Technical coordination and curation of the event IDesignMadrid 2018.
Curation of activities and mentoring of the “Diseñaton AIDI+Leroy Merlin.
AIDI. Central de Diseño, Matadero Madrid. Madrid.
2018 March – 2018 July

Co-coordination. Production and curation of activities.
Art direction of the graphic campaing of the event IDesignMadrid 2017.
AIDI. Cultural Center Buenavista. Madrid.
2017 March – 2017 July

Junior product and graphic designer.
Mad Lab Design Editor. Madrid.
2017 February – 2017 July

Co-coordination of AIDI (Professional Associacion for Investigation, Design and Innovation).
Directorate since 2017. Collaboration since 2016. Madrid.
2016 September – today · Madrid

BSC / Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering
Polytechnic University of Madrid.
2013 – 2018