Victoria de la Torre

de la Torre

From my anxious body I can't produce, so I make


S spatial installation that is the result of a series of experiments in which I explored how to create a space of convivencia, a place to be together with others. To me, it was the grounded counterpart  for the heavy topics explored textually.

I envisioned a place to pause, to share an intimate moment with oneself and with others, a space for the circulation of emotions and ideas, a gathering space, a patio.

In this patio, like the patios of my childhood, I wanted to deliver familiarity and awake the senses to the touch. The raw scultpures embodying anxious bodily parts, and each of the chapters of the text were invitations to touch, to sense, to empathise, to share. The natural materials and systems that I employed attempted to speak a language that, in their rawness and fragility, is easy to grasp: raw wood, non-dyed organic fabric, joints made of natural cords, non-glazed ceramics. Aesthetic choices that make me feel more rooted, more at somewhere I could call home.

Concept, design and production
Victoria de la Torre

Lin Chun Yao
Ron Bokje


HKU Graduation Show «Refractions» at Basis voor Actuele Kunst (BAK)
2023, Utrecht [NL]