Victoria de la Torre

de la Torre


[2019- ]

Macedonia is a collaborative strategic studio formed by multidiscipinar and active people aimed to research and develop new realities, meaningful experiences that impact positively in people’s lives and our environment.

Macedonia is not a company, nor an association. It is an image, a brand, a symbol. It represents a way of living, working, relating and sharing. Macedonia was born as a response to the precariousness prevailing in the laboral panorama, specially delicated within the creative and cultural sector. It was created to surf through the liquid modernity by a group of independent designers that understood the power of working together to get better opportunities and conditions by creating a strong collaborative network. Our mindset is clear: we do not seek a use-and-throw company obssesed with growth. What we are eager for is to simply survive and gain the stability we need to live freely, to make things right. That is why an adequate balance between individuality growth and the sense of belonging to a collective are keys for this model.

This is reflected in the branding and naming of the studio, as “Macedonia” in Spanish means “fruit salad”, in which each member is a “fruit” that brings its unique taste to deliver a refreshing and healthy dish).
The core values of the group happen to be the connection between things thought to be impervious, such as engineering and design or humanism and technology. In this hybridation of opposites we find the key to develop valuable, impactful and sensibly innovative projects.

The projects we develop let us feed the collective intelligence of Macedonia’s universe, as they are social and research-based, and try to deploy reflections about some contemporary questions:
> How do we evolve with our cities?
> How can we re-value the traditional ancestral knowledge and culture to reinforce our identity?
> How can we sustain our wellness?
> How can we refresh the way we learn?
> How do we understand work and our relationship with it?