Victoria de la Torre

de la Torre



ARTEMISA is a do-it-yourself silent electric viola (also violin) conceived for students and amateur musicians.

This updated historical instrument enables musicians to self-appropriate it and explore his/her identity through the design of the object as it is parametrized.

ARTEMISA is produced by means of digital fabrication and is open source licensed as an invitation to openly develop, customize and produce it. It is a way to democratize music and make accessible an instrument not so easy to get and attract for everyone.
Its electric system also lets artists to play silently using headphones or amplify the sound using amplifiers.

The importance of the viola, however, is not the object itself, but what sourrounds it, and what is capable of generate. In this sense, future lines of work comprise to move from DIY philosophy to do-it-with-others (DIWO) through participatory workshops in which attendees co-design, experiment and prototype their own electric instruments.


Prototype in MDF.

Self produced.

Final bachelor project.