Victoria de la Torre

de la Torre



In 2017 I was honored to be one of the voluntary designers in the SuperGIZ project, a social research promoted by Medialab-Prado with the goal of developing accesible prosthetic gadgets for children with functional diversity in their upper members.

By using collaborative design methodologies, several workshops were developed to deepen into children specific necessities involving their families, therapists, socio-sanitary staff and designers. Not only did these workshops reveal the insights needed to design customized gadgets for each kid, but they were also gamified. In that environment, children had fun and met each other. They were excited: for the first time, they were not the different one, they were just one more.
These procedures and the gadgets (3D printed) are fully documented and openly available online in order to take this process into other places with few resources.


Multiple designers, pedagogues, psycologists and other volunteers.

Sara, Carmen and all the amazing children and families that took part of the workshops.