Victoria de la Torre

de la Torre

The infinite fun space


The Infinite Fun Space is a concept created by Multiplay for the Artist in Residency program Systems, by Science Gallery Dublin and The Dock-Accenture, to be developed during spring-summer 2020. Nevertheless, the project never really happened, since Covid-19 Pandemic radically changed the rules of the game. To see the research that actually took place check A.I.R.

Named after the mathematical space where The Minds retire at the Culture Series by science fiction writer Iain M. Banks, the Infinite Fun Space is a concept for an interactive installative role playing game inspired by the theory of systems. At the Infinite Fun Space different types of intelligences (both human and non-human), with agency of their own, coexist and behave following logics inherent to their natural condition. The overall goal of the game is to make (human) players discover the relationships that link themselves to the rest of the characters of the game and the strategies they need to co-create to keep the overall system going.

The game aims to playfully address questions such as human interdependence to other intelligences and the necessary shift towards a more global, empathetic understanding of (eco)systems. It also hopes to generate a fun environment in which to experiment and prototype horizontal, collaborative and decentralized models where traditional power relationships are not perpetuated. All in all, the Infinite Fun Space is a place for players to connect, discuss and have a little fun  while playing the game.