Victoria de la Torre

de la Torre

Anxious bodies in the anxious culture

Anxious bodies in the anxious culture [2023] An introspective reflection relating my own bodily anxieties to the dynamics of the neoliberal culture that produces them. In it, I describe a culture that makes me/us mentally and physically sick, that uproots me/us from my/our identities, that pushes me/us to produce without measure. In it, I crave […]

From my anxious body I cannot produce, so I make

From my anxious body I can’t produce, so I make [2023] S spatial installation that is the result of a series of experiments in which I explored how to create a space of convivencia, a place to be together with others. To me, it was the grounded counterpart¬† for the heavy topics explored textually. I […]


A.I.R. is an artistic research exploring human agency within the systems of communication by focusing on a notion that links them both: how close do we feel?

Imagined Cre(AI)tures

ARTEMISA is a DIY silent electric viola. It is self-produced using digital mechanized plywood and MDF.